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Handmade Bracelet, Seed Bead Beaded

& Handmade Bracelet, Seed Bead Beaded Bracelet For Women, Gift, Women's Accessory, Jewelry, Twin Beads, Light Blue

Handmade Bracelet made of Czech Twin beads & Japanese seed beads. Size: 16 x 2,5 cm (6 x 1 in) Please note that the color of the product may vary depending on the settings of your monitor's. if you have any question on the product, or would like to have it in a custom length or colour, please contact me. instructions for care & storage of bead jewelry. STORAGE: Store in a separate cloth bag, box or casket. Avoid direct sunlight. Avoid wet areas. Avoid sharp temperature changes. Keep out of the reach of children & pets. EXPLOITATION: DO NOT pull! DO NOT twist! Protect from falling & impact. Careful fasten & unfasten. Contact with creams, cosmetics, perfumes & hair styling is contraindicated. Contact with water is not desirable (especially with marine & chlorinated). If you wet the jewelry in the rain - do not dry it with a hairdryer or put it on a radiator. Put it on a soft cloth that absorbs moisture well & let it dry on your own. Wearing jewelry should be the last thing, when you are already dressed. During sports & before going to bed, jewelry should be removed, otherwise they may break or become deformed. Do not put brooches on the shoulder on which you wear your handbag or fasten your car seat belt. CARE: Do not wipe the articles with alcohol-containing agents! Bead jewelry is cleaned with a dry soft cloth. Do not dry the bead jewelry on radiators, in the microwave, with a hot air hairdryer. If you follow these rules, a handmade product from beads, natural stones & minera

Beads Perlen Bart Perle Edelstahl Diy

& Beads Perlen Bart Perle Edelstahl Diy Metall Designperlen Großloch 6mm Cnc Firestone Bead Nr. 08

NEU CNC Firestone-Beads - Design-Perlen - BEADS | Stainless-Steel-Edelperlen | sehr aufwendig hergestellt Material Edelstahl 316L matt gebürstet, Vertiefungen gefräst und hochglanz geschwärzt Perlen-Größe 10 x 10 mm | Lochgröße 6mm geeignet für Lederbänder, Ketten und andere Bänder oder auch als Bartperle Edelstahl ist, wie der Name schon sagt, ein edler Stahl. Er ist antiallergen, rostet nicht und ist durch seine hohe Qualität ein nachhaltiges Produkt. Eine große Auswahl weiterer Beads findet ihr in unserem Shop unter Firestone-Beads" Beads Perlen Bart Perle Edelstahl Diy Metall Designperlen Großloch 6mm Cnc Firestone Bead Nr. 08"""

Exclusive Lumed Beads Made Of Hypoallergenic

& Exclusive Lumed Beads Made Of Hypoallergenic & 100% Stainless Damascus Steel

Lume colours: white, blue, green, orange, violet. Please tell me which pattern you'd like to have & which diameter the drilling should have :-) Thanks! Hey hey! I would like to offer you my handmade beads made of 100% Damascus Steel. The steel is completely stain free & hypoallergenic as well. The lume pigments that keep glowing up to 15h or more when charged in the sunlight or with a UV-lamp are the same that high end watch manufacturers use with their watches. So that should say something :) The sizes are approximately from 8-14mm long with an outer diameter of 6-13mm & a drilling hole of 1-7mm. If you need different sizes, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me please! :-) All the best Dominik Exclusive Lumed Beads Made Of Hypoallergenic & 100% Stainless Damascus Steel

Thomas Sabo Beads - Karma Beads - Glas-Bead

& Thomas Sabo Beads - Karma Beads - Glas-Bead Blau, Schwarz, Weiß - K0251-017-1 bicolor

THOMAS SABO Bead aus der Karma Beads Kollektion. - Wiederaufleben einer Tradition - Farbenfroher Glas-Bead - Handgefertigtes Unikat Der glänzende schwarz-weiß-blaue Karma Bead ist in der Tradition afrikanischer Trading Beads gefertigt. Das individuell entstehende grafische Muster macht jeden Glas-Bead zu einem handgefertigten Unikat. Kombiniert man ihn mit weiteren Beads, ergeben sich wunderschöne Farbenspiele. Material: 925er Sterlingsilber Steine: Glas Maße: Höhe ca. 1,30 cm (0,51 Inch), Breite ca. 1,20 cm (0,47 Inch)

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